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Tel Aviv- based climate tech start-up Albo Climate has been awarded an efficiency label for it’s unique carbon mapping technology through the world renowned Solar Impulse Foundation–an international nonprofit and standardization body rewarding profitable solutions that protect the environment.

Albo Climate Team Members photographed by Moshe Gordon-Radian.

The Solar Impulse Efficiency Label is an assessment mechanism to boost the adoption of profitable solutions to protect the environment. The label brings exposure to existing solutions, whether it’s a product, service or process, that sustains economic growth while optimizing the use of natural resources. It is only awarded after a rigorous assessment by external independent experts using criteria built on the following themes:

  1. Feasibility–calls for the manufacturing of a product at scale to be technically feasible

  2. Environment–requires the solution to deliver an incremental environmental benefit vs. a mainstream alternative

  3. Profitability–demonstrates the product’s economic benefits, such as the total cost of ownership

The aim of the labelization and network is to identify and accelerate implementation of unique solutions for the transition to a sustainable economy. Albo Climate is proud to receive this classification for its carbon mapping technology, powered by AI and satellite imagery, which in doing so has enabled the start-up to become an honored member of the World Alliance.

Current uses of Albo Climate’s carbon mapping technology can be seen in monitoring carbon changes within North and South America as well as Sub-Saharan Africa which aids in the global fight against climate change by verifying and enabling funding for the active sequestration of atmospheric CO2.

For Albo Climate this is only the first of many labels in an ongoing journey to develop climate technologies that bring innovation, transparency and efficiency to the carbon credit market. So stay tuned and check back in soon as the start-up establishes itself as a pioneer in the fight against climate change within the climate-tech industry.

About Albo Climate:

Albo Climate, established in 2019, is an Israel-based startup applying AI to satellite imagery to map, measure, and monitor carbon sequestration and scale-up carbon removal. Combining geospatial monitoring and deep learning expertise, Albo is developing remote sensing solutions for carbon credit verification for various ecosystems, including forestry, agriculture, and blue carbon.

The Solar Impulse Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded by the visionary Bertrand Piccard who is famous for his two round-the-world flights, recently in a solar-powered airplane and before that non-stop in a balloon. Piccard advocates that environmental protection holds great economic market opportunity, and speaks out against the absurdity of outdated and polluting devices and systems still in use today.


Albo Climate:

Dr. Jacques Amselem, CEO,

Ariella Charny, COO,

Solar Impulse:



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