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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Company Announces the Appointment of Erik Kobayashi-Solomon

Tel Aviv, Israel, Chicago, IL, USA. May 6, 2021

Albo Systems announced that Erik Kobayashi-Solomon has been appointed to the company's Board of Advisors, joining CEO Jacques Amselem and CMO Ariella Charny.

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon

Mr. Kobayashi-Solomon has over 20 years of experience in the institutional investment

world, the past several of which have been spent focusing on leading-edge private

companies with novel solutions to help civilization mitigate and adapt to climate change

and to restore the earth’s climate. He is an international author, a Forbes contributor,

and before founding a business strategy and valuation consultancy, served as the

market risk manager for a global long-short hedge fund, the market strategist for

Morningstar’s Equity Research Division, and as the architect of the International

Financial Corporation’s standardized equity valuation model for emerging market private

equity investments.

"We are pleased to welcome Erik to the Albo team and excited about the insights and

help he will bring to us at this early stage of our evolution," stated Jacques Amselem,

Albo’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Erik’s deep understanding about the

issues that face us due to climate change and his position at the nexus of a wide variety

of both start-ups and strategic investors in this area promise to offer Albo a terrific

perspective into how best to position the company for initial funding rounds and the

initiation of our commercial operations."

"I am excited about joining Jacques and Ariella on Albo’s Board," stated Mr. Kobayashi-

Solomon. "I look forward to working alongside the team to bring Albo’s innovative

combination of satellite imagery and AI technology to the fore of carbon credit validation

and verification and to track and monitor methane emissions. There is so much work

that needs to be done to increase access to and liquidity of the carbon credit markets if

civilization is to have a chance at halting and reversing the effects of climate change. I

am convinced Albo will play a vital role in the carbon credit markets and in our society’s

push to create a sustainable paradigm for 21st century business."

About Albo Systems

Albo Systems is an Israel-based startup on a mission to help reverse climate change by

making CO2 removal scalable. Albo is disrupting the carbon credit market by replacing

the manual process of monitoring of CO2 with AI-powered remote sensing automation.

Albo completed the Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator program in 2020 and were named

by Techcrunch as one of their favorite Techstars startups worldwide from the Fall 2020

cohort. Albo recently signed its first customer, a Finish forestry company called Wuudis,

and is on track to sign with several US, European, and Israeli agtech companies. Albo

has also partnered with US-based Soil1 to conduct rapid soil sampling to calibrate its AI


Albo is a team of six, comprising entrepreneurs, R&D executives, scientists and

engineers, all driven to tackle the immense challenge of climate change with

innovative technology.


Jacques Amselem, CTO

+972 (0)52 6194126

Ariella Charny, CMO

+972 (0)54 4536837

SOURCE: Albo Systems

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