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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Company Announces the Appointment of Marco Calderón-Loor to lead the Albo’s technical development

Tel Aviv, Israel, Quito, Ecuador, Chicago, IL, USA. May 13, 2021 – Albo Systems announced that Marco Calderón-Loor, PhD(c) has joined the company’s team of senior managers to oversee development of the company's innovative technology platform that combines satellite-based remote sensing imagery with machine learning algorithms to assess the carbon sequestration potential of terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems.

Dr. Calderón-Loor has over ten years’ experience as an environmental researcher, consultantand lecturer. Calderón-Loor leverages an in-depth understanding of many different disciplines – land use science and ecology, climate science, data science, statistics, artificial intelligence, and remote sensing – to build the models Albo uses to estimate the carbon sequestration potential of a large number of varied ecosystems, including forestland, grassland, wetlands, and kelp forests. He is presently a PhD candidate at the Centre of Integrative Ecology at Deakin University (Victoria, Australia) after having earned a master’s degree in Environment and Climate Change from the University of Melbourne (Australia). A member of a group of researchers from South America, the Forest Andean Network, Calderón-Loor is acutely aware of the logistical difficulties in monitoring carbon sequestration in remote locations, and sees great promise in Albo’s combination of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence.

Marco Calderón-Loor, PhD(c)

"We are overjoyed to have Marco stepping up to play a more prominent role in Albo’s success. The whole team has learned an enormous amount from him regarding land use dynamics, agriculture, climate and geospatial analysis at large scales," stated Dr. Jacques Amselem, Albo’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Marco’s abilities as an environmental scientist are, of course, crucial to our modeling of land use dynamics and his deep technical skills as a geospatial modeler bring enormous depth and insight to our team. We are delighted that Marco has assumed a senior management role during this hectic time as Albo’s fundraising and commercial momentum is building so rapidly."

"I am excited about the opportunity to help Albo bring its innovative technology within easy reach of farmers, municipalities, universities, and other landowners that would otherwise be shut out of carbon credit markets due to cost and logistical complications," stated Dr. Calderón-Loor. "Albo’s platform offers great potential in making the process of carbon credit validation and verification more scalable and ubiquitous. I am also very excited about our initial tests related to monitoring and measuring industrial methane emission sources using existing satellite imagery and our innovative machine learning technology. Humanity has a daunting task ahead of it as it seeks to restore the earth’s climate. I am convinced that Albo will play a vital role in helping our civilization thrive now and in the days to come."


Albo Systems is an Israel-based startup on a mission to help reverse climate change by making CO2 removal scalable. Albo is disrupting the carbon credit market by replacing the manual process of monitoring of CO2 with AI-powered remote sensing automation.

Albo completed the Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator program in 2020 and were named by Techcrunch as one of their favorite Techstars startups worldwide from the Fall 2020 cohort.

Albo is a team of six, comprising entrepreneurs, R&D executives, scientists and engineers, all driven to tackle the immense challenge of climate change with innovative technology.

Screenshot from Albo's carbon stock monitoring platform


Jacques Amselem, CEO

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SOURCE: Albo Systems

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