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Albo Climate Appoints Prof. Colin Price to Its Board of Advisors

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Tel Aviv Israel, July 3rd, 2023 – Albo Climate announced today the appointment of Prof. Colin Price to its Board of Advisors. This strategic appointment will support Albo Climate's commitment to accelerating the global transition to sustainable land use by leveraging artificial intelligence and satellite technology.

Prof. Colin Price is a distinguished Professor and Head of Tel Aviv University’s Climate Crisis Initiative PlanNet Zero, with extensive expertise in atmospheric science, geophysics, and space technologies. For over thirty years, Prof. Price has been conducting pivotal research on climate change, extreme weather events, and remote sensing. Thanks to his vast scientific understanding of the global climate crisis, Prof. Price will provide invaluable guidance and support Albo Climate in deploying its novel remote sensing technology in untapped ecosystems.

Professor Colin Price, Tel Aviv University

"We are thrilled to welcome Prof. Colin Price to our Board of Advisors," said Dr. Jacques Amselem, Co-Founder & CEO of Albo Climate. "Prof. Price's wealth of knowledge and experience in climate and space science will be instrumental in implementing our R&D strategy and ensuring that our solutions are at the forefront of climate innovation and satellite technology”.

As a member of Albo Climate's Board of Advisors, Prof. Colin Price will work closely with the executive team, providing strategic counsel and technical insights to reach the company's long-term mission - using AI and space tech to scale the transition to sustainable land use.

"I am honored to join Albo Climate's Board of Advisors," said Prof. Colin Price. "Albo Climate has established itself as a leader in climate tech, and I look forward to collaborating with their talented team. Albo Climate has developed a truly innovative technology which provides transparent and reliable data for critical environmental metrics - carbon sequestration, deforestation, climate risks, and biodiversity - and holds an immense potential to maximize the impact of nature-based climate solutions”.

Albo Climate's team with Prof. Colin Price and Tel Aviv University's delegation at COP 27, Sharm-El-Sheikh 2022

Albo Climate's decision to appoint Prof. Colin Price reflects the company's commitment to nurturing a diverse and multidisciplinary team of experts who can scale the application of space technologies to cope with the climate crisis. Thanks to Prof. Price's know-how, Albo Climate will strengthen its position as a trusted partner for businesses and institutions seeking robust technological solutions to mitigate the global climate crisis.

About Albo Climate:

Albo Climate, established in 2019, is an Israel-based startup that developed a novel remote sensing platform, powered by AI and satellite technology, to quantify and monitor environmental metrics in nature-based assets. Albo Climate's environmental intelligence platform delivers transparent pixel-level data, insights, and forecasts on carbon, land use, biodiversity, and climate risks. Combining geospatial monitoring and deep learning expertise, Albo Climate’s remote sensing solutions will accelerate the transition to sustainable land use and scale nature-based climate solutions in vast ecosystems worldwide.

Media Contact:

Jacques Amselem

Co-Founder & CEO, Albo Climate

Ariella Charny

Co-Founder & COO, Albo Climate Email:

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