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Albo Climate: a dMRV Technology in Service of High-Integrity Carbon Offsets

Insights from Dr. Marco Calderón-Loor, CTO of Albo Climate

Nature-based solutions can significantly contribute to GHG emissions reductions and therefore have a critical impact on climate, ecosystems, and people, at the global and local levels. As UNEP remarks in its report, "NbS offers the potential to address, in an effective way, diverse challenges such as climate change, food and water insecurity, disaster impacts, and threats to human health and well-being, while reducing environmental degradation and biodiversity loss". Albo Climate's CTO, Dr. Marco Calderón-Loor

Still, these solutions based on conserving nature, restoring ecosystems, and improving agricultural & ecological management practices are facing structural implementation challenges and technological drawbacks that require immediate action to deploy their full mitigation potential. Indeed, ensuring the integrity of nature-based carbon offset projects together with their scalability in vast ecosystems, from forests to agricultural systems, wetlands to mangroves, and grasslands to urban ecosystems call for robust and transparent credit schemes. Albo Climate works hand in hand with numerous stakeholders of the nature-based markets, such as Standard Registries, project developers, landowners, and VVBs towards the same mission - developing carbon credits that verifiably equal one ton of genuine carbon emission reduction or carbon removal from the atmosphere.

Screenshot of Albo Climate's carbon mapping platform

AI-powered carbon quantification technologies, such as that developed by Albo Climate, can substantially contribute to deploying and scaling high-impact NbS by increasing the accuracy, confidence, and transparency of these carbon offsetting strategies. By applying proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to satellite data, Albo Climate precisely quantifies and maps land use and carbon dynamics at high accuracy and resolution, thereby deploying next-generation digital MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) and catalyzing carbon financing to reach gigaton-level of nature-based CO2 removal. Albo Climate has deployed its technology in various forestry and agricultural ecosystems all over the world and aims to expand it to numerous ecosystems.

From Canada, for mapping carbon stocks ​​in afforestation and reforestation sites across multiple Canadian provinces at very-high spatial resolution, to Zambia, mapping carbon dynamics in nut tree planting projects run by small-holder farmers, and South Africa, supplying our dMRV services to monitor croplands and orchards, Albo is supporting numerous organizations and land-owners with their regenerative and conservation strategies. The implementation of such nature-based offsets projects at scale is critical to improving community livelihoods, restoring natural ecosystems, growing healthy crops, enhancing soil resiliency and carbon fixation, and earning additional revenue streams from carbon credits.

Our team, comprised of experts in various fields – ecology, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and environmental science – is committed to providing reliable CO2 emission reduction and avoidance data, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of carbon offset projects. With so much at stake, and so much to gain from massively scaling up high-quality NbS - the time to implement game-changing remote sensing solutions is now. Albo Climate is proud to serve this growing market and to help address the major climate and biodiversity challenges of our time.

Dr. Marco Calderón-Loor

CTO, Albo Climate

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