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Mosquito Control Goes AI

Solving the mosquito problem worldwide using AI.
Albo Systems is an Israeli startup developing an eco-friendly technology to solve the mosquito problem worldwide.
The approach of Albo Systems is very unconventional. It is based on drones and satellite imaging. Albo Systems team is building mathematical models permitting ultra-accurate identification of mosquitoes from various heights and under extreme conditions. The first results are very promising.


Our 5 min pitch:


The mosquito threat


Our Technology

Digital transformation using multi-step process relying on mathematics and computer sciences
enabling a targeted and drastic decrease of the mosquito population.


About 1 million people die each year from mosquito-transmitted diseases

Above 1 billion people are infected with various mosquitoes related diseases worldwide

Mosquitoes cause extreme inconvenience, impacting life quality.

This global threat is constantly growing,

requiring an urgent need for an efficient solution.

Currently, mosquito control is based on toxic

and non-technological methods, 

leading to inefficient and wasteful solutions.


"Mosquitoes are smart. We have to be smarter"

Bill Gates


About Us

Albo Systems is a startup developing a green technology

that will save the lives of one million people each year caused by mosquito transferred diseases


Our unique technology is based on sophisticated image processing

and deep learning algorithms combined with smart cost-effective control.

Our very strong technical team is composed of international experts, university professors and Ph.D's  in the fields of deep-learning, entomology, drones, optics as well as a most experienced leadership team with successful entrepreneurship and senior management background.

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